Denver, Colorado
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Fragrance Family: Winter
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Bespoke Event

“Our attendees walked away with not only their own personally created scent, but a new take on how one of our most powerful senses can influence a personality, mood, or memory to a deeper level.”

Brittany Marcum

Bespoke is a boutique corporate event planner. For this event, our client was hosting their top clients to give them a truly bespoke event. The food, music, lighting and decor inspired the fragrances used in the Interactive Station. Guests smelled top, middle and base notes to curate their custom fragrance. Our client then shipped the fragrances to the clients after the event.

Tiffany Rose Goodyear

Tiffany Rose Goodyear

Founder + CEO

When it comes to understanding and leveraging the power of scent, Tiffany Rose Goodyear is the nose that knows. Her groundbreaking approach of using scent to enhance experiences has led to collaborations with corporate clients and event planners across the nation. The result? Unparalleled engagement and brand lift in the eyes of guests who enjoy Tiffany’s first-of-their-kind, fully immersive, and customized sensory-based events.